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The Dogue de Bordeaux lives an average of eight to ten years.  

The Dogue overall is a very easy breed to care for, usually a daily brush and a bath using pure soap, without perfumes, coconut oil shampoo or baby shampoo on average once a month is sufficient.

As with most large breeds, there are health issues associated with the Dogue de Bordeaux, Hip Dysplasia, an inherited condition affecting the hip joint,  being the most common and appearing first during the time of rapid growth.

There are certainly a number of breeders in Australia who have the breed at heart and are hip scoring their animals,
(all of our Dogues are hip and elbow scored and are heart and thyroid normal) , however there are also  breeders who still refuse to Xray their animals, thus continuing to breed with unsound Dogues. The animals certainly suffer when inflicted with Hip Dysplasia and the veterinary attention required is certainly very costly, often the end result is that the animals may have to be euthanased.

There is also a tendency towards Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) in DDB's.  OCD is a disease of the the joint cartilage and is especially common in the shoulder joint, although other joints can be affected.  It occurs primarily in young, fast growing dogs and appears to be more common in males.   Diagnosis can only be confirmed by X-ray examination. 

Other health issues connected with The Dogue de Bordeaux are Heart Murmurs and Skin Diseases. The most prolific skin problem that seems to be prevalent  is Demodectic mange.  This is a skin problem caused by a tiny parasite called a mite. Diagnosis of demodectic mange is made by a Vet taking scrapings.  If mites are present microscopic examination of the skin scrapings  provide a diagnosis.  It appears that some bloodlines are more susceptible to skin problems than others.

The Dogue de Bordeaux can also be prone to Acute Gastric Dilation , (bloat) . Acute gastric dilation is usually fatal because the owners have little, if any, warnings of an impending attack. In most cases the animal is found dead, usually the next morning, with a greatly distended stomach. Most breeders agree that it is  recommended 
not to feed your dogue immediately before or after exercise .

The conclusion drawn by Veterinarians is that a blockage occurs somewhere in the stomach or intestines and the consequent fermentation  of food produced gasses which could not escape.  This is what occurs although Veterinarians do not agree on the exact cause or causes.

Again, the above problems are associated with most large breeds of dogs, not just the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Buyer Beware

Always remember although these are cute little pups, they will grow into a very large strong dogue.   It is for this reason that it is essential that you socialize your puppy both with people and other dogs as soon as puppy has had their final vaccination.  I would also recommend that you take your dogue along to an obedience school for some basic training,  this will benefit you and your dogue..

When purchasing a puppy, whether it be for show or for a family pet, try to remember the issues I have discussed above. You should ask whether the parents of the puppies have been hip certified.

If they have not, then I personally would NOT buy a puppy from that kennel. Ask to see the hip certificates.  Always ask to view the parents of the puppies, are they healthy looking? , what is the movement like? , if it is rather stilted this could be an indication of an underlying problem.
The puppies should be vaccinated and wormed, they should be pleasantly plump and full of energy with bright clear eyes.  Ask the breeder if they supply a health guarantee.

A Veterinary  certificate stating that the bloodline is free of inherited diseases helps to make sure that your puppy will not suffer later from the results of careless or under researched breeding.

If necessary contact local, overseas or interstate veterinarians to represent
your interest before you buy and carry out an independent examination of breeding stock  - sire, dam and progeny from which you intend to buy.    Ensure that you can obtain a certificate stating that the Sire & Dam are free from inherited diseases, some of which are listed above.    Veterinary advice is essential before you purchase.

Here at Chienparadis we believe that we have obtained our foundation dogs from the very best stock available, we give them the freedom to run & play , give them the very best diet, aiming to ensure that we produce puppies , healthy both in mind and anatomical construction.


Now that the hotter Summer months are upon us it is time to give everyone a reminder about our beautiful Bordeauxs and how they dont tolerate heat terribly well.

Every year I hear of Dogues that have died from heat related problems, some in the family home, others while exercising and others that have attended shows.

It's apparent that many breeders arent making the importance of keeping your Dogue cool in the summer months clear to new owners. I'm sure this is not intentional, just something that we dont often think about.

I'm not trying to scare you off this wonderful breed, but please just be aware that they certainly need shade and water during the heat, a childs plastic pool is a great asset for them to laze around in the cool water. Be very aware of NOT exercising them in the heat of the day and also taking them in the car.

If you fear your Dogue is suffering heat related problems, cool him or her down immediately using ice packs between the back legs and cool water over the rest of the body, contact your vet for further instructions.



Ms Debbie Marshall 
Combaning  NSW  AUSTRALIA    
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