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Debbie with Australian Champion Chienparadis Miss Capucine

Latest Announcements and News!

Top Breeder for 2014
Chienparadis - DOL Point score

Number 1 Rising Star
Chienparadis Braxxton, NSW and Australia 2014 - DOL Point score

Number 1 Dogue De Bordeaux
Chienparadis Miss Capucine, NSW 2014 - DOL Point Score

*  First Male Australian Grand Champion - Chienparadis Jarton *
And now Grand Champion Chienparadis Chaunte
Australias First Brother and Sister Grand Champions


Front Page
Chaunte and her daughters
Camille, Scharnelle, Chaunte, Calleija, Cienna and Saartje

Front Page
3 Chaunte daughters
Calleija 2 1/2, Cienna 9 months and Saartje 13 months


Welcome to Chienparadis, Dogues of Distinction

Chienparadis is a small kennel dedicated to the betterment of this most wonderful of breeds, the Dogue De Bordeaux.  

My reason for these pages is to introduce you to the Dogue de Bordeaux. I started to research the breed in 1996 and spent many hours ringing and writing to people, reading pedigrees, pouring over photos and generally looking for information.
I have been involved with pedigree dogs for some twenty years mainly with Rottweilers which my parents bred under the "Vanglen" prefix. I guess this is where my love of the "Molosser" has stemmed from.

In 2002 I had the opportunity to attend the World Dog Show in Amsterdam and spend time with many breeders, discussing the breed and learning more and more about this wonderful breed. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your wonderful generosity in sharing your knowledge with me.
I am not a judge, a steward or a trainee judge, nor do I have judges show my dogues or hold my dogues for me.  The winning and success I have had here at Chienparadis is from sheer hard work and nothing less than quality, healthy, happy Dogues.  My dogues are my family, they perform to a high standard because they like to please me and not because they are forced to do so.  They are raised with love, attention and the best that I can provide for them.  I'm often told I love my dogues more than the people in my life, but the love I have for them, and them for me, is unconditional, so who in their right mind would swap that for anything.
Over the years I have successfully shown 15 Dogues to their Australian Championship titles and have bred 20 Champions, including the first male in Australia to be granted the title of Australian Grand Champion.

Our lovely lady Chaunte has also become a Grand Champion, being only the third female in Australia to be granted this prestigious title. This is such an exciting time for Chienparadis, as Jarton and Chaunte are the first brother and sister Grand Champion Dogue De Bordeaux's in Australia, an amazing feat that wont be surpassed in the near future.

Gone are the days of there only being one or two dogues at country and metropolitan shows.  My dogs have won at Group level at Castle Hill and Erskine Park, two of the the largest dog show grounds in NSW, at shows where up to 10 dogues have been exhibited, and at country shows where the number of dogues consistently reaches 6 or more.  Not to mention winning the last 4 major royals with entries of between 13 and 25 dogues.  Its pleasing to finally see the numbers of quality dogues increasing and holding their own against more established breeds in the show ring.
As testament to my dedication I have to date imported 5 dogues and frozen semen from some of the most influential blood lines the world has to offer.  During the next year I am looking at importing another 2 dogues to continue with my breeding program.  All my dogues are hip and elbow scored   prior to breeding resulting in some of the lowest scores in Australia, with most scores below 7 for hips (breed average being 19.65) and ALL dogues with elbow scores of 0:0.  All our dogues are DNA profiled, and we can arrange to have puppies DNA Profiled and Parentage Confirmed upon request.
Over the last couple of years I have exported dogues to Canada, America, New Zealand, Argentina and the first ever Dogue De Bordeaux into Sri Lanka.  I will include some news articles on the first time our boy was shown in Sri Lanka, he really made quite a stir and obtained an excellent critique by the International Judge.
I hope that this has given you a bit of insight into my kennel and the wonderful Dogue De Bordeaux. 

"Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to." - Alfred A. Montapert